ASME Globe Valve, 2″,:class 150#

 200,50 Excl. btw



ASME Globe Valve, 2″,:
class 150#, flanges acc. ASME
B16.5, flange face finish RF/SF
(Ra = 3.2-6.3 µm), face to face
acc. ASME B16.10, bolted bonnet,
outside screw and yoke, plug type
disc, handwheel operated, body in
carbon steel A216-WCB, stem in
stainless steel AISI 410, disc in
carbon steel A216-WCB with overlaid
sealing surface in 13% Cr steel,
integral stellited seat ring
(trim No.8), packing in pure
graphite, gasket spiral wound
stainless steel AISI 316L graphite
filled, bonnet bolts in alloy steel
A193-B7M, bonnet nuts in steel
A194-2HM, valve sour gas resistant
acc. NACE, valve acc. BS 1873 and
PED 97/23/EC and ATEX 94/9/EC,
valve acc. TA-Luft 2002/VDI2440,
incl. certs acc. DIN EN 10204-3.1
for material and final inspection
and declaration of conformity and
CE marking acc. PED 97/23/EC,
Fig.Nr. C413-W8N
Manufacturer: Jiangsu SUNE Valve Co., Ltd.
Net weight: 22,2