Sun Yeh Linear Electric Actuators / L Series



The linear valve electric actuators provide with thrust ranges from 250 to 2,000 kgf (551~4,409 lbs). All models are equipped with modulating controllers and suitable for globe valves, gate valves and linear travel devices. It can be applied to HVAC and industrial use, especially for the steam and high temperature employments.

Product Features

● Self-locking drive system.
● DC motor equipped.
● External stem position indicator.
● Low-power consumption.
● NEMA 4X, 5 and dry powder coated aluminum alloy enclosure.● Manual operation can be applied in case of power outage.
● Built-in thermal protection prevents motor burnout.


● Ingress protection:IP67, NEMA 4X, 5 (Waterproof and dustproof enclosure, intended for outdoor usage)● Material:Dry powder coated aluminum alloy.


● All models are equipped with DC motor to achieve low power consumption, high duty cycle and efficiency. (Max 1500 starts per hour)

Position Indicator

● All models are equipped with continuous mechanical position indicator. The external visual position indicator makes the position readable easily and instantly.

Modulating Controller

● A modulating control unit will follow input signal for positioning and output signal for indicator..Input signal:4 ~ 20mA, 1-5V, 2-10V.
.Output signal:4 ~ 20mA, 2-10V.

Over-thrust Protection

● If the thrust output of the drive in overrated of the rated, the actuator will shut off to prevent overload.Adjustable Stroke

● Allow users to adjust actuator’s stroke to match valve stem. (Refer to the specifications of stroke ranges at page 5)Service Condition

● Ambient temperature:-30°C ~ +65°C / -22°F ~ +149°F● Relative humidity:30% ~ 95%


● CE ● RoHS● CSA ● Reach